Swerus LLC offers for sale a wide range of conveyor rollers and pulleys.

Conveyor rollers are an integral part of the conveyor belt, and also serve as a support and guide element. Here you can order and purchase various types of roller systems, depending on their purpose. Our company manufactures and supplies rollers of the following types:

  • smooth rollers
  • snubber rollers
  • deflection rollers
  • guiding rollers
  • shaking rollers

Our advantages

  • Bearings on the shaft are located deeply, thereby increasing the resource of the roller as a whole
  • Bearing caps are made of polymer material (polyurethane), which prevents external factors from acting on the bearing and reduces the weight of the roller.
  • Roller shafts are made of steel 20, which increases their service life and wear resistance.
  • Only advanced technologies are used in production. High-precision machines allow specialists to perform work of any complexity.
  • When the work is over, the conveyor rollers undergo the strictest recheck, which is a guarantee of quality and durability.


Drive pulleys /Non-drive pulleys

Conveyor rollers are one of the most important components of a belt conveyor. They are used to tension the conveyor belt, change the direction of its movement and eliminate slippage, due to improved grip.

A drive pulley drives the conveyor belt by means of a motor-reducer.

A non-drive pulley increases grip and provides belt tension.

Sverus LLC is ready to carry out work according to your drawings and to your order.

offer you

Comprehensive pre-sale preparation

This is an important process because it determines how the equipment will operate during the first start-up, and thereafter.

Maintenance service

Our service engineers have many years of experience in the mining industry, they are professionally trained and get advanced training.

Deal support

Comprehensive support at all stages of work, offering innovative developments, tracking customer needs and supplying the necessary products.

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