Spare parts
for crushing and screening equipment

Make the most of your crushing scheme. Whether you want to minimize downtime, lower costs, increase productivity per tonne or meet specific downsizing requirements, Swerus can help you. Discover our wide range of crushing systems and parts.

Having the spare parts you need is critical to your job. We have years of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of wearable and replacement parts, so you can count on us. We have spare parts in stock for all models - from jaw, cone and impact crushers to mobile and portable units.
Наше обширное предложение по запчастям подходит для всех моделей - от щековых, конусных и ударных дробилок до мобильных и переносных установок.

Maintenance and repair of crushers

A preventive and predictive maintenance program is key to maximizing the performance of your crusher. Smart maintenance not only helps to extend the life of the crusher, but also optimizes parts supply, staff scheduling and repairs.

Preventative maintenance of crushers
Preventative maintenance programs are the best way to keep your crusher in good working condition for an extended period. Swerus provides a wide range of preventative measures including:

  • Audit and inspection services
  • Supervision services
  • Maintenance planning
  • On-site service, installation and upgrades
  • Field repair and re-equipment
  • Parts optimization, logistics and disposal

Predictive maintenance of crushers
Predictive maintenance refers to monitoring the condition of a rock crusher while it is running. Swerus offers numerous solutions for this. Predictive maintenance tools help track such indicators as:

  • Operating time and energy consumption
  • Lubricating oil temperature, pressure, filter condition
  • Downtime of the crusher
  • Crusher drive motor power
  • Vibration indications


Repair of crushers 
We offer a full range of repair services from surface refurbishment to complete reconstruction of large components.

Skilled technicians with specialized tools are available from our repair centers and global service network. All repairs are carried out continuously, ensuring safe execution and correct parts.

Our repair centers continually share best practices and have access to the knowledge of our global design centers. This helps us guarantee repairs to the same standard. Continuously working with the best available processes, tools and techniques delivers the value, consistency, reliability and safety that our customers expect.

Field maintenance/ repair services
Maintaining, repairing, installing and shutting down crushing systems can be time consuming and challenging. Heavy parts often require special handling and installation procedures and special tools to ensure safety. Swerus has an extensive network of technicians to help you.

Each task is customized according to your requirements, whether you are looking for teams to complete a project or simply to complement your onsite support staff.

Planning and optimize
Downtime is a waste of money, and we understand that every minute counts. Swerus has developed a complete range of services to help plan, execute and optimize equipment shutdowns.
From tool management to work procedures and time and motion analysis, we help you achieve efficient, safe and timely shutdowns.

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